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Key features

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Commercial and Distribution management software, Mobility Cloud is an easy-to-use software adapted to the management needs of commercial, production and distribution companies.


The right business solution for optimal management
The right business solution for optimal management

It is a Basic Offer designed for SMEs, start-ups and retailers. The iZi books offer proposed by Mobility Cloud offers to these users functionalities to manage and follow their activity with good indicators. This offer allows each user to avoid possible losses of inventory through a very efficient management system, in addition you benefit from a visibility on all movements of all inventory movements, without forgetting the absolute traceability on the accounting.

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Mobility Business

A business and accounting management solution designed for SMEs.

Tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses and commercial enterprises, this offering is designed to help them optimize the management of their business through features implemented by Mobility Cloud such as sales, procurement, inventory, point-of-sale, CRM, and accounting, all remotely. A company that has a good management system to drive and monitor its daily activities with visibility and traceability is on the road to success. Thus, it is important for any company wishing to position itself on the market to have an effective tool like Mobility Cloud to boost its management.

Mobility Business

Mobility Distribution

A solution designed for Gig enterprises (with big Accounts) and integrates all features offered by Mobility Cloud

This offer is suitable for big companies and any company involved in distribution. It provides to any company that needs to improve the management of its financial flows a traceability on all the operations in the company along with reports on all the activities carried out and optimized management features in order to control the state of its accounts, especially when its size is significant.

Mobility Distribution

Some keys advantages

Digital / Mobile

Simple and easy to use, Mobility Cloud gives you access to automated actions


Accessible online, Mobility helps you to connect with your phones, tablets & PCs wherever you are. Saving and archiving of your data are sure.

Cost of the license

The annual user license is offered at a good price to any economic or social operator, regardless of the sector of activity.

No additional integration costs

Your environment is created in one click. Easy to implement, migration of your data and follow-up are easily

Continuous evolution

Flexible, we adapt the product to the evolution of your needs by integrating improvements and new functionalities.

Multi-site management

Mobility Cloud follows up your expansion, growth and all your activities are connected.

Mobile Payment

Mobile payment and bank card integrated to Mobility Cloud Point-of-Sale (POS)

Maintenance for free

Our team follow up your business via trainings, 24/7 assistance and constant maintenance of your system.

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