A solution designed for Gig enterprises (with big Accounts) and integrates all features offered by Mobility Cloud

This offer is suitable for big companies and any company involved in distribution. It provides to any company that needs to improve the management of its financial flows a traceability on all the operations in the company along with reports on all the activities carried out and optimized management features in order to control the state of its accounts, especially when its size is significant.

Mobility Distribution

Mobility Distribution

Digitize easily and quickly your network and distribution chain

The advantages of the Mobility Distribution offer

The Mobility Distribution solution helps the company to take in hand the management of all the activities of the company. The list of advantages of this offer is very long. It includes all the advantages of the Mobility Cloud offers plus the management of the distribution network. However, we can mention a few advantages of the Mobility Distribution offer:

Total visibility

The accounting of the company is centralized in real time according to the OHADA chart, and the production of reports and consultation of financial statements is automated. The visibility and traceability of the inventories dispatched in the distribution network of the company is optimal.

Image de visibilité absolue

Balance sheet totalizer

Income statement

Accounting balance sheet


Image des garanties de sécurité des données

Security of data is guaranteed

Here the security and integrity of the data are assured in case of destruction or loss of the material or paper supports used in the information system.





Synchronization of business features

It enables the centralized management of inventory in local, the follow-up of inventory movements and reports, automation of accounting entries for sales and purchasing operations and centralized management of points of sale.

Synchronisation des modules métiers

Inventory follow-up


Point of sale


Gestion Relation Client


Here the management of business opportunities through CRM is optimal, traceable and provides reports on activities for strategic decisions based on facts. The management of third parties: customers/partners/suppliers and sites is assured.





Real-time reporting

Reports and Dashboards for each business features are available to provide visibility into relevant business management indicators, with the possibility to import data to Mobility Cloud (export from Mobility Cloud in Excel format). Mails are sent to third parties in one click to share, quotes, proformas, invoices, purchase orders, delivery notes, bills etc.

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