Easier your record transactions in a point of sale

Point of sale


It is the point of purchase, the place where a customer makes payment for goods or services and where sales taxes may become due. This feature helps you to manage your small cash more dynamically, it eases to record of your transactions. It helps you to secure your inputs and outputs through a special management system that tracks everything and synchronizes all your data in real time. All actions on the POS start with the opening of a session on a terminal (tablet, computer, phone).

The cash register at the point of sale

At the point of sale, the cash register is the first terminal on which the various operations are recorded. It helps you to invoice and collect the sale of items in a point of sale. The cash register optimizes and simplifies transactions at the point of sale thanks to the solution integrated into the POS. It integrates payment methods such as mobile money, cash, and bank cards.

Synchronized with the inventory & feature, this cash management tool automatically increments inventory item and updates inventory reports as it is used.

Mobility Cloud's cash register transaction management integrates sales with mobile payments and multi-step payments.



The Point-of-Sale Cashiering Report provides full visibility into point-of-sale transactions, sales volume per cashier, sales volume and margins, turnover, cash payments, number of open invoices, visibility into the best sales of the day or month per cashier with sales amounts.

Session report

The Cashier Session Report provides a detailed history of a cashier session, and gives optimal visibility of cash receipts, cash disbursements, balance initialization, and ticket details of cash registers established during the session. This functionality is an asset for management control at the point of sale. The filters available in the software facilitate the consultation and production of sales session reports.

Margin report

For the POS manager, the margin report on the sale is very important. On Mobility Cloud, the POS provides period filters to view and print margin reports by item and item category. With centralized management, the cash registers of the different points of sale of a company are centralized and produce centralized reports on the overall margins per period and per item.

Some advantages

  • Synchronization with the inventory feature
  • Different payment methods accepted
  • Automatic generation of reports
  • Reasons for validation of return goods
  • Automatic recording of accounting entries