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Commercial management solution for SMEs

Tailored to the needs of SMEs and business companies, this offer is designed to help them optimize the management of their business through features implemented by Mobility Cloud such as sales, procurement, inventory, point of sale, CRM and accounting all this at distance.

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Efficient to manage the point of sale

This offer responds to the problems of following orders, sales, collection of customer receivables as well as the follow-up of returns and customer credit notes.

Efficient to manage the point of sale
Total Visibility

Total Visibility

The centralized visibility in real time on all the cash registers connected in the company is optimal. Thus, it offers the possibility to work on the POS even at distance.

  • Traceability and real-time visibility on all inventory movements
  • Reduction of inventory losses

Follow-up assured

Tools to follow-up Sales and carried out management control are available and very easy to run.

Suivi garantit


The management of Sales opportunity through the CRM is optimal, trackable and provides activity reports for strategic decisions based on fact.

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